Beauty Trends: From Runway to Everyday


From a top knot to Cher’s shaggy style, beauty trends come and go. But if there’s one thing that remains true, it’s that From runway to everyday, the latest looks are always exciting. Now you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve catwalk-worthy style; the latest beauty trends provide options that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Read on to discover the top runway-inspired looks that you can easily try at home!

From runways to our everyday lives, beauty trends are now ever more accessible. Whether you’re the daring type or someone who is looking to experiment with their look, it’s entirely possible to recreate the runway styles without too much fuss. Here are a few tips to help elevate your everyday look and make it a little more runway relevant.

  • Stay on trend: Research the current beauty trends and determine what pieces work best for your profile. Staying on trend involves understanding the trends in play and making best use of them for your look.
  • Experiment with color: If you’re looking to bring a little bit of drama to your everyday look, experimenting with color is the way to go. Bold pinks and blues, vibrant oranges, and metallics are just some of the more daring shades that are currently on the runways.
  • Go for a statement piece: Find a lipstick color or shade of eyeshadow that really stands out. Or, you could use a statement eyeliner to add drama. This is a great way to bring a bold, runway-ready look to your everyday style.
  • Make the most of your accessories: Accessories such as headscarves and jewelry can really help to elevate a simple look. Consider how you can use these to bring the latest runway styles to your look.

With the right attitude and know-how, you can make even the most mundane of looks a lot more interesting. Take the time to research and experiment different styles and looks to make the most of your wardrobe. Take inspiration from the runways while staying true to your personal style to create a timeless, runway-ready look.

The world of beauty knows no bounds, but while we often stick to tried-and-true trends, there’s a whole world of unconventional beauty looks to explore! Whether you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone, try something new, or make a bold statement — these out-of-the-box trends are sure to make an impact.

1. Dramatic Eyebrows. It’s no secret that bold eyebrows are in, but if you want to tackle an unconventional look, try feathering in some subtle color that complements your natural brow shape. Instead of a harsh line, use a brow definer or color pencil to create a hazy shape that adds a subtle, yet powerful pop of color around your face. Even a few shades darker or lighter than your natural brow color makes for an interesting, eye-catching look.

2. A Hint of Colour. Let’s aim for lip colour that stands out and makes a statement, shall we? Teal, orange, and yellow are trending hues this season, and with just the right amount of product, they create a surprisingly neutral effect that can be played up for a night out or toned down for day-to-day wear. Line the lips with a liner that matches the colour for a subtle effect, or go bold with a bright, glossy lip to let your lips do the talking.

3. Ombre Hair. You don’t need bright colours to make a statement — ombre hair is a fun and subtle way to shake up your look. Try a reverse ombre — giving your dark hair a lighter colour at the roots for an unexpected twist — or even a gradient of two tones to mix up your current style.

4. Two-Tone Nails. One of the easiest ways to make a statement without going over the top is with two-tone nails — alternating nails of two complimenting colours that create elegant, yet unexpected looks. Go bold with complementary colours that contrast for a chic, art-deco inspired take on nail art, or keep it simple with pastels for a more subtle take. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to turn heads with this timeless style.

3. Finding the Perfect Balance of Edgy & Elegant

Experimentation is key when it comes to balancing edgy and elegant styles. Whether you’re wearing an edgy ensemble or an elegant outfit, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to make sure that your look is complete and balanced.

  • Choose the look that’s right for your body shape: Whether it’s edgy or elegant, it’s important to choose an outfit that’s going to flatter your body type. Highlight your best assets and use the look to create a visual balance that’s kind to your body.
  • Mix, don’t match: Take cues from the two styles you’re combining. For example, pair an edgy leather jacket with an elegant silk skirt. You don’t want to look too one-dimensional, but rather bring in two distinct elements that add depth and texture to the look.
  • Accessorize the look: Details are key when it comes to accessorizing. The combination of jewelry, shoes and other accessories should reflect the blend of edgy and elegant. Add statement pieces with an edge and finer details with elegance to pull the look together.

Once you have the basics down, the rest is up to experimentation and creativity. You can break the rules and find an edgier look with a silk dress or an elegant one with sneakers and jeans – it all depends on how much of each style you’re looking to incorporate in the look.

The perfect balance of edgy and elegant style will depend on your personal preference. Take steps to ensure that the look is flattering and experiment until you find the perfect combination of these two distinct styles.

4. Runway to Everyday: Building a Signature Look

Figuring out how to balance your everyday wardrobe and still look fantastic for special occasions can be tricky. But somehow, the stars and celebrities seem to manage to have it down pat. If you want the same unerring sense of style, there’s a secret to it: creating a signature look.

First, it’s important to know about clothing basics. Stock up on quality pieces that you can mix and match, based on your own sense of style. A few key items like a blazer, a well-fitting pair of trousers and a variety of fashionable tops can form the basis of any outfit. Next, add statement pieces to your wardrobe like bright shoes, colorful jewelry and some statement bags.

For those moments when you want to go all-out, it’s time to break out the runway trends. Look for pieces that’ll help you make a fashion statement. Whether it’s a dress with striking sleeve-details, or an animal-print bodysuit, find items that reflect your own style yet push the envelope. These pieces will stand out and keep you looking head-turningly chic.

On days when you want something low-key, simply go back to your basics and switch up the runway pieces. You can add a few trendy items like a choker, a bandana or a cool cap. Layer some items to give them more depth and contrast, and play with different colorways to create a unique look.

With the combination of basics, statement pieces and runway trends all thrown in the mix, it’s easy to build a wardrobe that’s both stylish and timeless. Unlock your own signature look that you can look AMAZING in, both on the runway and in everyday life.

So now you know: beauty trends that conquer the catwalk don’t necessarily have to stay on it. With some creative thinking and a good eye, you can take them from the runway to your everyday look. Keep an open mind and remember that the most beautiful trends are the ones you make your own.


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