Fashion’s Playground: Inside the Buzz of Berlin Fashion Week


In the lively capital of hipness and escapist freedom that is Berlin, a unique fashion playground has just been opened. For seven days, this vast German city has been transformed as a diverse group of trailblazing designers, models, fashion bloggers and industry trendsetters descend upon its historic streets and charming cafes for the Berlin Fashion Week. Get a feel for the electric atmosphere buzzing around the German metropolis and get an exclusive peek inside the exciting world of a celebrated international fashion event.

1. Taking In Berlin Fashion Week: An Experience Unique in Fashion

  • Discover The City: Berlin Fashion Week is a must-see event for fashion aficionados. From discovering the trendsetters of the city’s vibrant street style to attending exclusive runway shows, taking in Berlin Fashion Week will be an experience you won’t soon forget. During this time of year, it’s best to book your accommodation in advance and be aware of the events that are being held.
  • Be One Of The Crowd: Immersing yourself among the creative fashion scene of Berlin is what this week is all about. Just like any other city, there is a wide range of fashion events being held throughout the city. Go ahead and explore the designer showcases and exhibitions hosted by Berlin’s cultural spots. It’s a great way to network and connect with other fashion fans.
  • Unsure Where To Start? If you’re not sure where to start, fear not. Many websites, apps and magazines feature upcoming fashion events in Berlin. Consider attending a fashion talk or an informative session. Another great way to get to know the fashion scene in Berlin is by attending the music and art festivals that are organised during this time.
  • Plan Your Style: If you’re planning to attend any of the runway shows or exhibitions, be sure to plan your look in advance. Ask yourself: what are the latest trends and popular colours? Consider what fabrics and looks are hot for the season. Put on your best ensemble and embody the essence of Berlin fashion.
  • Enjoy The Moment: Lastly, enjoy the moment. Berlin Fashion Week is an event that happens once a year. Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and soak in the incredible atmosphere that the city brings. Whether it’s attending a showcase, an exhibition or just watching, have some fun and enjoy the fashion scene that Berlin has to offer.

2. Exploring the Creative Hub of Color, Quirk and Charm

Immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of colour, quirk and charm could open the doors to being more creative. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a creative.” Here, we explore these villages and understand how they can bring out creativity in us.

  • Think inspiring – Stimulate your senses with sights, smells and tastes to get your creative juices flowing. Visit your local art gallery, museum or theatre. Listen to music that reminds you of your childhood. Wear outfits that reflect your personality. Unwind with a massage or yoga session and finish by sketching a dreamy sunset.
  • Express yourself – Unleash your inner creativity with do-it-yourself projects. Cook a three-course gourmet meal for your family. Paint a mural in your backyard. Carve your own furniture. Plant flowers in your front yard. Sew a costume for that special occasion. And, for a wonderful finishing touch, carve a wooden sign for your door that says “Welcome”.
  • Be creative – Flip through design magazines and take pictures of interesting patterns and ideas. Play musical instruments in the park. Read books that make you think differently. Attend workshops and seminars to expand your horizons. Craft collages, write poems, make scrapbooks, build models, and explore your senses.

At heart lies the truth that everyone is creative. Our potential to create – develop, design, write, paint – lies within. Getting out of ourselves and into the creative hub of colour, quirk and charm is like a superpower! So explore, express yourself and be creative to open those creative floodgates!

3. Going Inside the Heart of Europe’s Most Stylish Scene

Discovering the hidden gems of Europe’s fashion scene

Europe has long been a center of culture. When it comes to fashion, it has a rich and varied background. For those in the know, Europe is the place to find the best in innovative and stylish design. Here, we take a look at the hidden gems of the continent’s fashion scene, providing insight into its most stylish destinations.

  • Vanity Fair’s favorite: Milan
  • Paris – home to the most popular designers
  • London – the go-to spot for those looking for the unique
  • Amsterdam – a center for contemporary fashion


The favored destination of the likes of Vanity Fair’s Anna Wintour, Milan is a premier destination for only the best of fashion. Known for its exquisite clothes and accessories, Milan is the place to find the latest trends and designs from industry giants such as Armani and Versace. With a vibrant and artistic culture, the city is full of stylish discovery.


The mecca of the fashion world, Paris is the home of the world’s most renowned designers. From the high-end luxury of Chanel and Hermes to Dior and Givenchy, visitors to the city can learn about the history of haute couture and explore the modern trend-setters.


London is the city for those looking for something truly unique. Many of the young, punk and alternative fashion movements began in the British capital, and the city is carefully followed by streetstyle-savvy onlookers from around the world. Still home to some of the industry’s biggest names, the streets of central London also house some of the exciting underground labels.


The fashion scene in Amsterdam has flourished in recent years. With many of the city’s independents stocking the newest and most exciting European design, Amsterdam is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those interested in contemporary fashion. This is a city of cultured diversity and limitless possibilities.

4. Embracing the High-Energy of the Fashion Industry’s Playground

There is no denying the energy of the fashion industry’s playground. Runways, photoshoots, and designer showrooms are alive with creativity and electricity, and embracing this atmosphere can bring new life to your fashion-based project. Here are just a few things to consider when immersing yourself in the industry’s environment:

  • Be Open-Minded. It can be easy to get tunnel vision when working on a fashion project– especially if it’s the same type of project you’ve done before. However, opening your mind to new ideas and ways of doing things will make the end result that much better.
  • Take Advantage of You Surroundings It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of a fashion show or photoshoot. Take the time to appreciate what’s around you and take mental snapshots of what you’re seeing to reference later. Keep a notebook nearby so that you can jot down any cool ideas that strike you during the course of the day.
  • Be Empathetic to Those Around You Whether you’re working with designers, models, or anyone else in the fashion world, it’s important to always remember that everyone is under a lot of pressure and likely dealing with multiple deadlines. Keeping this in mind can enable you to better interact with those involved in your project.

By embracing the high-energy atmosphere of the fashion industry’s playground, you can gain a new perspective and more easily generate ideas for your project. If you stay open-minded, take advantage of your surroundings, and be considerate of others, then it’s a sure bet that your fashion project will be a success.

Berlin Fashion Week definitely took everyone’s breath away; from models to buyers, editors, bloggers, fans and even celebrities who joined in the fun. The city echoed with energy and creativity, making it clear why it’s the capital of Europe’s fashion playground.


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