Fashion for All: The Inclusivity of Fenty by Rihanna


When fashion designer Rhianna released her debut Fenty line in May 2019, she sparked a seismic shift in the fashion industry. The revolutionary collection was heralded as a beacon of inclusivity, diversity, and access, inspiring countless individuals to embrace and be proud of their identity. Freeing fans from the small selection of sizes and colors that had traditionally been on offer, Fenty offered trendy styles for everyone, no matter your shape, size, age, or gender. This article will explore this progressive approach to fashion, giving an overview of Rhianna’s leading legacy in the inclusivity movement.

1. Breaking Barriers: The Inclusive Design of Fenty by Rihanna

Fenty by Rihanna is a new and innovative beauty brand that has broken barriers in terms of inclusivity. The core of the Fenty brand lies in designing for people of all genders, races, nationalities and ages. Rihanna was able to facilitate this mission by partnering with Kendo, a company with experience in the beauty industry and adept resources.

The core of the Fenty brand lies in designing for people of all genders, races, nationalities and ages. This inclusive approach to design has been broken down to the following features:

  • An expansive range of shades: The brands starting range offered 40 shades known as the “Pro Filt’r” foundation range. In comparison, another leading brand only had 17 shades.
  • Gender-neutral packaging: The products are generally housed in basic tubes and bottles, making them gender-neutral and removing any potential alienating factors.
  • Shades that are easy to distinguish: All of the individual shades have been assigned easily distinguishable names; “420” instead of a range of size-based number description.

Fenty’s success: The effort put into the design of the Fenty brand has paid off significantly, with financial estimates suggesting the brand earned around $570 million in 2018.

The Fenty brand was carefully designed so as to be as inclusive as possible. The effort put into inclusivity has been reflected in the major commercial success seen by the brand.

2. Embracing Inclusivity: How Fenty is Shaking Up the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its exclusionary practices and lack of diversity. But thanks to Rihanna’s sustainable and inclusivity-focused clothing line, Fenty, the industry is undergoing a total transformation.

When it comes to bridging the gap, Fenty is bringing awareness to the need for size inclusivity and giving power to those who are typically excluded by the fashion industry’s conventional standards. The clothing line offers a broad range of sizes and styles, giving consumers a customized selection. It also encourages using adaptive fashion for people with disabilities to help them feel included.

Moreover, Fenty has implemented sustainability into its operations to reduce impact on the environment – something the fashion industry has largely overlooked. The brand uses high-quality materials like organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. It also recycles existing fabric and aims to generate zero-waste while still creating unique, stylish clothing.

By embracing an inclusive and sustainable approach, Fenty is leading the charge in redefining how fashion can shape the world. Here are some ways Fenty is making the fashion industry more inclusive:

  • Size Inclusivity: Fenty offers a range of sizes, from XS to 3X, making it accessible to people of all sizes.
  • Refined Styles: Clothing styles are constantly changing and Fenty updates their inventory to meet the demands of modern society.
  • Adaptive Wear: Fenty provides adaptive clothing and gender-neutral pieces to provide a wider range of options.

Fenty is showing the industry that the path to inclusivity can be achieved through sustainability. The brand is sending a message of acceptance and progress to the world, and we can see how it’s paving the way for a more inclusive future of fashion.

3. Beyond “Beauty Norms”: The Diversity of Sizes, Shades, and Styles of Fenty

Natural Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder In recent years, we’ve seen a much-anticipated move away from the beauty standards that have been traditionally accepted and perpetuated. We’re now in the age of diverse representation, inclusivity, and intersectionality.

From the introduction of Fenty Beauty, the world’s first ever beauty line to offer an expansive range of foundation shades for all skin tones, the fashion industry has made a significant move towards inclusivity in fashion, beauty, and commerce. Fenty Beauty has become a game-changer in terms of how beauty is thought of and the standards that dictate the fashion industry.

In addition to progressive shade options, Fenty Beauty has branched out even further with the introduction of their new line of sizes, shades, and styles. This wide range of options serves to break barriers and celebrate beauty in all its forms, making sure everyone has the chance to feel good about themselves.

  • There’s something for everyone with a variety of plus, petite, and regular sizes in the clothing and footwear collections.
  • Shimmery neutrals, bold metallics, and intricate patterns are amongst brand favourites.
  • Visual foundations feature a variety of customisations: full coverage, lightweight, liquid matte and more!

This concept of inclusive beauty was pioneered by Fenty Beauty, but is quickly becoming the norm across the fashion industry. With the increased demand for diverse representation, the beauty standards placed on us in the past are slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s the perfect opportunity to express yourself and explore your unique sense of style.

4. Celebrating Our Differences: The Impact of Fenty on Society

If there’s one thing that Fenty has done in a mighty way, it is to celebrate and embrace our differences. By creating a makeup line that caters to women all across the globe, regardless of ethnicity, age, and skin tone, Fenty has broken through decades-old barriers, changing beauty standards and providing much-needed representation in the cosmetics industry.

Fenty’s message that beauty shouldn’t be a one size fits all concept has had a strong and positive impact on the way we view beauty. Its 40 diverse shades of foundation have managed to bring the “norm” of beauty to light, allowing people to express their individualism and find what’s truly right for them.

Moreover, Fenty has successfully highlighted the importance of true inclusivity in the beauty industry. The diverse range of products and shades offered by the brand has provided customers with the freedom to explore and discover what works best for them, without feeling like their features are not considered with the lines of makeup on the market.

  • Fenty has broken through decades-old barriers, bringing the “norm” of beauty to light
  • The brand has provided customers with the freedom to explore and discover what works best for them
  • Fenty has successfully highlighted the importance of true inclusivity in the beauty industry

By actively promoting and celebrating our differences and individual unique qualities, Fenty has set a standard, making it known that makeup can be used as a tool not only to enhance beauty but also to boost confidence, showcase individualism and advocate for inclusivity.

Fenty by Rihanna has shattered barriers, and has raised the bar not just for the fashion industry, but for the idea of inclusivity. Through the brand, Rihanna has made a statement that “fashion is for everyone” – and we couldn’t agree more. Exciting times are ahead as fashion gets even more diverse and inclusive. Until then, go out there, show off your individual style, and stay fashionable!


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