Fashion Capitals Collide: Highlights from the Global Fashion Weeks


It’s that time of year when the fashion world turns its attention to the big four cities: Paris, London, New York, and Milan. The best and the brightest, the red-hot trends from the summer and the hottest styles for fall will be on full display as the fashion capitals of the world collide. From catwalk shows to A-list parties and everything in-between, it’s time to look back at the highlights of the global Fashion Weeks.

1. Meeting of Stylistic Minds: Global Fashion Weeks

The changing of the seasons holds a special place in the hearts of fashion fanatics around the world. As fall turns to winter, and winter turns to spring, exclusive designer collections come to life on the catwalks of famed fashion weeks from London, Milan, Paris, and New York. It is truly a sight to behold as the most sought-after muses and influential fashionistas flock from all corners of the Earth to witness the shows.

From flamboyant Haute Couture to avant-garde streetwear, each fashion week has its own flair and trends that reflect the voices of creative minds in different regions. Year after year, the buzz remains strong and the history is preserved, showcasing the diversity of our global fashion culture.

In the realm of fashion, everything is fair game. Creative directors of the most prestigious houses continuously create inspiring looks and professional models deliver them in captivating ways. From sheer fabrics to embroidered gowns, and metallic dresses to wild patterns, the ateliers surprise and amaze us with their endless gifts.

These majestic events are also a moment for industry folks to come together and create connections. Designers, bloggers, editors, and photographers all mingle amidst the swing of music, strobe lights, and showcases of apparel and accessories. All is united by the mission of pushing the boundaries of fashion forward into the future.

Despite immense differences in design, fashion businesses are able to meet on the global stage and truly bring to life the stylistic potential of our globalized world. Every season is an opportunity to experience the beauty, discovery, and potential of fashion.

2. The Best of Both Worlds: International Designers Unite

As the fashion industry continues to move in unpredictable directions, one thing remains constant – the creativity and determination of the world’s top designers. Emerging markets have opened up the opportunities for both local and international designers to unite their talents to create stunning collections. This union is a perfect combination of culture, tradition, culture, and innovation.

The Cultural Exchange

International designers are bringing their own unique style and technique to the fashion world. By working with numerous creative minds, new ideas are formulated and shared in order to create a stunning combination of cutting-edge fashion influences from around the globe. The cultural exchange between designers from different backgrounds has allowed traditional craftsmanship to remain relevant, while also incorporating modern trends to create a truly unique fashion experience.

The Benefits for Consumers

The unification of international designs has offered numerous possibilities for consumers across the globe. Aspiring fashionistas have the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces that express their individual style while also allowing them to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Local designers are also given an opportunity to gain international followers and recognition, which can open up many more opportunities for them in the years ahead.

A Period of Inspiration

The union of international fashionistas has become an inspiring symbol of unity in this modern world. It is a reminder that creativity and innovation have the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together in new and exciting ways. The fashion industry has been revolutionized by the presence of these talents, as it continues to provide us with luxurious and memorable collections.

  • A perfect combination of culture, tradition, culture, and innovation.
  • The cultural exchange between designers from different backgrounds.
  • Aspiring fashionistas given opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Reminder that creativity and innovation has the power to bring people together.

3. Worlds Away, Yet Closer Than Ever: Celebrating Fashion Week Around the Globe

This year’s fashion week may have been far apart from us due to global health conditions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the timeless beauty of couture all around the world. What better way to bring folks around the globe together than by connecting over the latest runway trends and statement pieces? Whether it’s a close-knit community of fashion icons or an exclusive gathering of fashionistas—this season we’re highlighting a few fashion weeks that should not be missed:

  • Paris Fashion Week: A touch of romance hits the runway as Paris Fashion Week brings us the best of the best from legendary French fashion designers. Colours, textures, and silhouettes—everyone’s eyes remain firmly fixed on the City of Light for a glimpse of the newest trendsetting designs.
  • New York Fashion Week: We can’t mention fashion events without iconic New York Fashion Week. From international superstars to homegrown talents, designers are set to showcase their new creations with a grand statement in the heart of Manhattan. From the latest layout of streetwear goodness to sleek tailored dresses crafted to perfection, you can stay ahead of the trend with NYFW.
  • Tokyo Fashion Week: Get an edgy feel from Tokyo Fashion Week. This avant-garde fashion event held twice a year brings out the wild side of fashion as local and international designers keep pushing the boundaries of bold designs. Expect to see plenty of innovative looks with a fusion of alternative and urban streetwear vibes.
  • Milan Fashion Week: Elegance is key when it comes to Milan Fashion Week. Top of the line Italian fashion designers set the tone with their high-style takes on classic and modern haute couture. Influential labels mix opulence with practical minded designs, keeping us captivated for a week that’s filled to the brim with showstopping looks.

From Paris to New York to Tokyo and Milan—fashionistas are never short of sartorial inspiration. Celebrate fashion week virtually with us, and stay one step ahead of the rest in styling the runway vibes like no other.

The fashion trends in 2019 were as diverse as they were eye-catching. From colorblock designs to relaxed silhouettes, fashion-lovers of all stripe were buzzing about the groundbreaking designs released this year. Here are the top four trends from the runway of 2019.

  • Bold Shoulders: Structured wardrobe pieces with powerful shoulder pads made an iconic return in 2019. Boxy blazers, airy jackets, and summer dresses all rocked the trend.
  • Colorblocking: An all-time favorite, colorblocking was everywhere on the runways and runways-inspired looks from this year. Jumpsuits, crop tops, and skirts showed off gorgeous contrasting hues.
  • Relaxed Denim: Oversized jeans and the “mom jeans” trend gained major traction in 2019. Boho vibes and distressed cuts formed the backbone of many high fashion denim looks.
  • Neon Palettes: Bright and bold colors commanded the runway this year. From canary yellow to fluorescent green, highlighter shades lit up the catwalk.

These were just a few of the trends that stole the spotlight this past year. But it wasn’t just individuals trend pieces taking center stage. A mix-and-match attitude was all the rage. Combined the shoulder-pad-meets-colorblock ensemble graced many an article of clothing, while tonal variations of bright colors – neon yellows, oranges, and reds – made huge statements on the runway. Asymmetrical patterns, vibrant accessories, and menswear-inspired looks were all in the mix this year, allowing fashion enthusiasts to express their personalities in a range of vibrant looks.

This year’s runway was an eclectic adventure that inspired creativity in those that watched. Many of the trends that hit the podium have already been seen on the streets and in malls worldwide. Whether inspired by runway trends or driven by personal expression, fashion-lovers are sure to be making waves in the coming year.

As the world’s most glamorous cities come together to share their style and looks, the global fashion weeks provided a vivid snapshot of what’s to come in the months ahead. This amazing array of fashion and beauty will surely continue to influence and inspire us for many seasons to come!


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